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In the meantime...

Originally I had stopped posting because I ran out of topics to talk about. Largely this turned into a habit as time progressed, but choosing a new topic to talk about was always a problem. I haven't exactly solved this problem yet, but I am more determined to post than I was before.

I've been taking a serious look at the 'Power 19'. Filling out the questions has been somewhat enlightening, but I do find that the examples I read from other people often load the answers to use it as a marketing tool. I do believe that it can be helpful as a tool to keep your system in line with your concept. There are a few questions that I do not like and have not answered, but I might give them a second chance when I get the time.

I must thank Stefan (?) of for linking to my blog. I don't get as much traffic as I would like. His site is in German. I haven't been able to look at as much of his blog as I'd have liked to.


Anonymous said...

Do keep posting random theory or design posts. Please, please, don't turn this into yet another design blog where you talk about the fabulousness that is your current pet design or marketing project.

Please. Many a good Forgeite blog has turned into that. It is a pity.

KingSpoom said...

That's certainly what I'd like to keep it as. A few of my earlier posts were inspired from my rpg design, but the posts themselves remained largely about general design.